PV flux--VITAL-PV201

Omnidirectional recording / pointing playback, directional hands-free gesture, finger joint gesture, split screen multi window, voice control, situational intelligence, single handed operation, magazine lock screen, mobile phone retrieving, wireless WIFI printing, student mode, multi screen interaction, sports health.

  • Model: PV201

I.  Product introduction

        VITAL flux is completely independently researched and developed, with a number of national invention patents.
No clean lead-free solder flux is the "national key new product". Lead-free solder flux in cleaning, no halogen free low solid content water-based cleaning free flux is the "national torch plan project". Also it won several Guangdong Province Science and Technology Innovation awards and Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation awards and other honors.
The production process features automating feed, and real-time monitoring, to ensure product stability and consistency. Products are in full compliance with IPC and JIS and other international standards.

Flux for Electronics Industry
       High flux after welding electrical insulation in electronics industry and has excellent electric reliability, is specially used in electronic assembly products.


Product Series


Scope of Application


The low solid content flux series

Excluding rosin resin, few residues, high cleanliness

The superior ICT test performance

Computer motherboards, graphics CARDS spotlessness electronic products, communications equipment, etc


Solid flux in the series

High insulation resistance and electric performance is reliable

Uniform, on the tin, tin, permeability is good

Solder joint full, bright color

Power supply products, outdoor communication equipment, video equipment, refrigeration equipment, household appliances, etc


A high solid flux series

Strong welding activity,

Uniform, large welding plate tin, flat and level

High-power components pin on the tin, tin even less

Oxidation serious and difficult to welding the PCB and components


Aqueous flux series

A non-toxic, environmental protection to the human body and environment

Don't burn, use safety

Communications equipment and products of environmental protection, high safety requirements


Halogen free flux series

Do not contain halogen, satisfy completely the requirements of the eu halogen free

Good wetting power, hole through tin

After welding electric performance is stable and reliable

Power supply products, computer motherboard, TV motherboard, communications equipment, video equipment, refrigeration equipment, medical equipment, etc


Extinction flux series

Matte, not dazzling

In the solder joint surface after welding, forming a layer of film of extinction

The TV system board, DVD and solder joint is much and intensive products

Flux for PV Industry
PV flux has good solderability, tin on performance is good, and is specially used in the industries of solar photovoltaic products.


Product Series


Scope of Application


Component flux series

Do not contain rosin resin, 1.2% of low solid content

As well as the welding strength is big, there will be no empty welding

After welding welding zone, cell surface clean, no residue

Components manual welding and automatic welding


Welding with flux series

Good welding performance, welding wear uniform tin, flat and level

There will be no pinhole;

After welding welding surface clean, less residue

With automatic tin welding

Flux for Special Industry


Product Series


Scope of Application


Cable flux series

Welding, surface smooth, full, shine bright

Few residues after welding and without cleaning

Distribution of cable, the welding surface is mesh, cylindrical, rectangular and other special-shaped wire


Components flux series

Fast, wetting power, on the tin, and even and smooth

After welding, electrical high reliability

Fuses, electronic components pin plug, tin plating power supply pin