1. About the company

         Suzhou Coop&Inno Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Luzhi ancient town of attractive Suzhou. Founded in 2016, with registered capital of 8 million, the Coop&Inno is committed to R&D , design, manufacture and sale of PV industrialization and applied products.

         Since its establishment, the Coop&Inno has successively acquired the qualifications of small and medium-sized enterprises of science and technology in Suzhou, leading talents of science and technology in Dongwu of Suzhou, and high and new technology enterprises for storage and selection. At present, it is applying for the declaration of high and new technology enterprises, private enterprises.

         With R&D as its core, the Coop&Inno strives for the leading position and well-known brand in the new energy market at home and abroad by virtue of its strong technical strength and unique understanding of the PV industry, and contributes to China's low-carbon emission reduction and mitigation of global warming.


2. Company slogan

         The team of the Coop&Inno  gathers here for the same PV dream, driven by the corporate culture of "Pursue a dream with us, share a future with you", taking building a green home as its responsibility, responding positively to the concept of national green environmental protection, and striving for a better future of sustainable and healthy development for life!


3. Corporate vision